PVI-486SP3 Motherboard
CPU Upgrade and Jumper Setting
* L2 Cache Upgrade and Jumper Setting
* Q & A
* How to solve warm boot problem while you install INIXWARE 1.1 on PVI-486SP3?
* Why when install AMD DX2-80 V8T (3V) the BIOS reports 120Mhz CPU on the PVI-486SP3 (SiS chipset) if external clock set to 40Mhz?
* How to support new AMD DX4-120 Mhz & AM5x86-P75(AMD x5-133)Mhz CPU and new Cyrix DX4 & Cx5x86 & Ti DX4 new processor on ASUS PVI-486SP3 Rev. 1.8 & 1.22 or above motherboard?
* How to identify the SiS 496/497 chipset stepping & BIOS support on ASUS PVI-486SP3 M/B?
* How to solve the 3COM 3C590 PCI Ethernet card data transfer error with Intel 486DX4-100Mhz processor on PVI-486SP3 motherboard?
* What is PVI-486SP3 Rev. 1.8 / BIOS 0304 plus AHA 2940 / BIOS 1.21 problem?
* How to solve the system reboot when you access floppy diskette in Win95 and use Cyrix 5x86-120 CPU on PVI-486SP3 Rev. 1.8 motherboard?
* How to solve the system can not be found Winbond w89C906F and Compex EN2000 Ethernet ISA LAN card on PVI-486SP3 Rev. 1.8 when doing cold boot or H/W reset?
* How to solve the DOSCAM can not load when using SC-200 PCI SCSI card with SCSI CD-ROM and IDE HD on PVI-486SP3 with UMC I/O chipset?
* How to solve the system will hang when using Crystal ISA PnP Audio card on PVI-486SP3 Rev. 1.8 and P/I-P55SP4 Rev. 1.4 with UMC I/O chip?
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